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The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its people. For over 20 years, ADA Solutions LLC’s customers have benefitted from our team of diligent, proactive professionals who are dedicated to the company’s core principles of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

Choosing ADA Solutions means choosing the industry leader of detectable ADA warning surfaces in North America. We pride ourselves on our commitment and ability to deliver superior products, excellent customer service and technical support, and the most reliable supply chain in the industry.

At ADA Solutions, we design our products to enhance public access and mobility for visually impaired persons. As the leading manufacturer in our industry, we have amassed a breadth of knowledge on how best to aid the visually impaired community. We have been actively involved with evolving global initiatives to promote barrier-free urban development and greater public access for all pedestrians.

ADA Solutions is proud of the long term partnerships we have built with the most reputable distribution partners in North America. We proudly serve over 1,500 distribution locations in North, Central, and South America. Our helpful support services extend to our stocking distributors as well the customers and communities they serve.


Committed to the highest ethical standards and rigorous regulatory compliance, we provide our distributors with our deep understanding and knowledge of detectable warning surfaces. We have installed over 65 million square feet of detectable warning surfaces which exceeds all other manufacturers combined.

Our size and scale enables our stocking distributors to go to market with the superior products at aggressive price points consistent with or below lightweight, ultra-thin alternative detectable warning and way-finding products.

YOU come first. We believe that every interaction – internally and externally – is a customer interaction that demands integrity and respect. We believe we can make a difference in the lives of our customers. We are committed to understanding our customers and listening to their unique needs to ensure that we deliver customer-focused products and services.

*Content from ADA Solutions website

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